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Staff Login   Sandip ERPs vision for the 21st Century Campus is a dynamic, tech-enabled institution that is not bound by time and place, and operates smoothly in both a local and global context. This new institution is constantly measuring and communicating its progress, and continually renewing its commitment to students and the community. Technology has fundamentally changed the way we live and work. Now we need to apply technology’s powerful tools to change the way our students, of every age, learn. Colleges have continued to make remarkable progress acquiring hardware, establishing connectivity and ensuring that lecturers receive technology training. Sandip ERP Software strongly believes that the key to creating the best possible educational environments in the 21st century is the seamless integration of technology, connectivity, content and people hroughout the curriculum. Sandip ERP aims to provide the campus administration with all the tools to achieve this vision, in partnership with Tanya InfoTech.
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